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About Us

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Why we exist

Right now, competitor research is hard.


Teams are forced to create their own accounts with competitor services, using their own personal details and money, impacting their credit scores and risking regulatory breaches. Or worse, scroll through old blogs, app store reviews and YouTube videos to get a skewed view of their competitors. 


Teams then have to share content internally, inefficiently screen grabbing and chopping different parts, risking personal data exposure and sharing of sensitive personal information. 

And then, after all that, in-house research is only a snapshot in time and with the rate of innovation in the market, becomes quickly outdated. 

This is why Behind Login exists. To solve these problem for our clients. 

Our Capabilities 

To execute our expert competitor research we have built our capabilities into three core areas. These allow us to capture competitor research and insight at a global scale from real users, stay constantly up to date with the evolving landscape using our ReleaseTrack technology and translate our insights into actionable outcomes for our clients through our expert research team. 

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Our ReleaseTrack technology scans communication channels for feature updates and changes to give our clients complete visibility of how different products are evolving their feature set and proposition.


ReleaseTrack is offered to our clients as part of our subscription package that has been built to give our clients complete peace of mind when it comes to competitor research. 



We have a network of over 1 million 'SuperUsers' from across the world that we regularly interview and survey about different products, industries and services.


We work with them to screen share and capture the User Experiences and features that exist 'behind the login' of key apps as well as user sentiment and feedback, all from real users and customers of these products. 



Our Mission

Our mission is to create complete transparency across the FinTech landscape, promoting better competition and creating better products and experiences for consumers. 

We do that through running regular research sessions and having open lines of communication with our global network of over 1 million users of Finance products and our in-house ReleaseTrack technology that tracks when your competitors are making updates to their apps and websites. 

Through our work we live and breathe our values: 






Our team are distinguished in the Finance industry for their expert knowledge and understanding of digital products, User Experience (UX) design and user research and the ability to work closely with clients to inform strategies and enable effective decision making.

Our Board



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Oliver is a pragmatic and passionate digital product leader with a proven history of building and launching successful apps and websites across a range of industries. Oliver has strong experience in researching, creating and implementing digital strategies and leading product teams and has most recently led the mobile app team for Hargreaves Lansdown over a period of significant change and growth.

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David is an innovative and creative financial services and technology leader with a track record of leading critical initiatives and transformation programmes.  David has extensive knowledge of the Financial Services industry having worked for Hargreaves Lansdown for over 19 years, holding senior roles as Head of Pensions and more recently Head of Transformation. David is a Strategic Advisor for FinTech West, the regional FinTech body for the South West.

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Charles is a creative and inspiring Business Development Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the digital and services industries.  Charles successfully built an impressive network of client accounts at Dow Jones and more recently joined a supply chain risk monitoring scale-up to build out the commercial team and continue to grow the organisation.

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To unlock the power of our SuperUser Network and ReleaseTrack technology we have a team of expert researchers.


Our team is distinguished in the market for their expert knowledge and understanding of product experiences and design and user research, their ability to work closely with clients’ to inform their strategies and enable effective decision making and help influence senior business stakeholders, and for their speed to execute and deliver on client requests. 

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