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Our client, AlphaStream provide investing platforms with personalisation services that integrate with existing products to generate better insights, engagement, education, and experiences for users of investing platforms.

AlphaStream engaged Behind Login to understand how well the investing app market was servicing personalisation needs, benchmarking existing functionality and identifying best-in-class features and solutions. The research project was used to help both the sales and marketing teams demonstrate the gap that exists in the market for AlphaStream’s services and for the product and design teams to inspire their roadmap and designs.


Behind Login worked with AlphaStream to deliver on the desired outcomes with a lean project approach, splitting the project into 2 workstreams; one looking at the UK market and one at the US market with different researchers owning each workstream.

Working concurrently in 1-week delivery sprints our team conducted bespoke 1-to-1 research sessions with our global panel of consumers, extracting screenshots, journey maps and video snippets of the key app journeys and research feedback. We finished each sprint by collating the insights and overlaying our expert analysis into punchy, easy to digest Google Slide documents and hosting playback sessions for the AlphaStream team.


We concluded the project with an Overall Analysis document, identifying themes and trends across the research, conducting gap analyses, feature benchmarks and creating best-in-class & “Art of the Possible” visualisations.


The AlphaStream team were extremely impressed with the research project and have used the insights to help shape the future product roadmap and inspire the design team, particularly with the best-in-class & “Art of the Possible” visualisations.


The individual app research and benchmarking has given the sales and marketing team the tools needed in their content and pitching to demonstrate how AlphaStream create compelling, differentiating value for their clients.

Behind Login's competitor intelligence gives you a 360° view so you can stay ahead of the evolving competitive landscape. 

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