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Our traditional investing app client was looking to evolve their app to take advantage of the recent trend towards ESG-focused investing. CIRCA5000, being a leader in the ESG investing app market, presented a good opportunity to understand what features were provided by these apps and how they were meeting their users needs.


We conducted a full teardown of the CIRCA5000 with a real user of the app, using our global research panel. Our 1-to-1 user research and screen-sharing session identified the UX and UI of all the features that existed in the app, along with user sentiment and feedback into how well the app was meeting users needs. 


Our project deliverables included a set of recommendations for evolving a traditional investing app to focus on ESG-investing, taking inspirations from a leader in the market.  Our recommendations were supported with visual content including screenshots, journey maps, user interaction and live feedback videos. 


From this research our client was able to define a roadmap for change that would evolve their proposition to meet the needs of a changing market.  The research enabled the product team to engage and inspire stakeholders involved in the project with the "art of the possible" and receive the investment and support required to build the changes required. 

Behind Login's competitor intelligence gives you a 360° view so you can stay ahead of the evolving competitive landscape. 

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