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Our client was launching a new investing app in the UK and wanted to understand, as a market leader, Hargreaves Lansdown (HL) had built their mobile app and was meeting their users needs.  The insight was going to be used as part of their product discovery to define their roadmap for MVP and beyond. 


Behind Login conducted a survey on 50 users of the HL app from our global research panel. Our survey used the Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) innovation framework to understand the features that existed on the HL app, how important those features were to users, and how easy they were to use. 


Our results show that in October 2022 of the 13 most common jobs that exist within UK-based trading apps, HL only offer 7 (54%) of them.

We provided a visualisation of the results mapping how well the HL app is meeting user needs and where opportunities for internal innovation or external disruption exist. Our visualisation showed 'How Easy' and 'How Important' each feature is on the HL app and how well the app is aligning to their customer jobs/needs.


From this research we identified two critical areas that our client was being bested by Trading 212. 

Our client used the insights to build their MVP roadmap based on features that HL were doing well to ensure their product was meeting the baseline needs and expectations of the market. They also included in their post-MVP roadmap those features that HL were not doing so well to give them some differentiation from the main competitors in the market.  

Behind Login's competitor intelligence gives you a 360° view so you can stay ahead of the evolving competitive landscape. 

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