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Blog 2: CIRCA5000 Feature Focus: ‘Invest’ & ‘Insights’

Read time: 7 minutes + videos

This blog focuses on two core features of the CIRCA5000 app that are prioritised within the navigation and designed to service high frequency user tasks.

  1. The ‘Invest’ feature is the landing / home screen of the app, with a simple interface focusing predominantly on showing the overall portfolio value, the user preferences of adding money and some marketing focused ‘rewards’ content.

  2. The ‘Insights’ feature is accessed via a Call To Action (CTA) from the ‘Invest’ landing screen, and shows portfolio fund allocations and information, and overall portfolio performance.

We breakdown each key feature, presenting the following key information:

  • Our overview and analysis of each feature

  • Video walk-through and feedback with our SuperUser

  • In-line commentary references for interesting video snippets

  • Feature journey map (with matching web link for easy review)

  • Key takeaways of each feature for organisations looking to differentiate and beat the competition

As with the other blogs within the series, this mirrors our method of report delivery to our clients, using Google Slides with embedded videos and interactive journey maps where appropriate.

Access the full screen version on Miro here:

Access the full screen version on Miro here:


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