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Blog 4: CIRCA5000 Feature Focus: ‘Add Money'

Read time: 8 minutes + videos

This blog focuses on the 'Add Money' tasks and feature set of the CIRCA5000 app.

The app has three functions for adding money; one off top-up, monthly top-up and round-ups. The broad range of features for adding money is popular with investing / neobank apps and provides a good range of flexibility to meet varying user needs.

CIRCA5000 have effectively covered the breadth of the 'add money' capabilities and features, but there are definitely some opportunities to improve the quality and depth in each area, which we explore in this blog.

As with our other blogs in the series, we breakdown the features presenting the following key information:

  • Our overview and analysis of the feature

  • Video walk-through and feedback with our SuperUser

  • In-line commentary references for interesting video snippets

  • Feature journey map (with matching web link for easy review)

  • Key takeaways for organisations looking to differentiate and beat the competition

This post mirrors our method of report delivery to our clients, using Google Slides with embedded videos and interactive journey maps where appropriate.

Access the full screen version on Miro here:


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