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Jobs To Be Done Framework

At Behind Login we use an innovation framework called 'Jobs To Be Done' to construct our consumer surveys and gather valuable research insights for our clients.

What is the Jobs to be Done Framework?

The Jobs To Be Done framework is an approach to developing products based on understanding the goals of consumers and the “jobs” they are trying to complete, rather than focusing on the products they use to complete them.

A popular example of the framework is that consumers don’t ‘buy a drill’, but ‘hire the drill to create a hole in a wall’. Focusing on the jobs people hire products to do enables teams to move away from the restraints of incremental product improvements and focus innovation efforts on helping consumers complete their “jobs” in faster, easier and cheaper ways.

Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company, famously said “If I had asked people what they wanted they would have said faster horses”. This quote epitomises the Jobs To Be Done framework, demonstrating the need to focus on the underlying needs and “jobs” consumers are trying to complete.

How to use the Jobs to be Done Framework?

There are various ways in which the Jobs to be Done Framework can be applied during research practices. Behind Login’s approach follows 3 critical steps:

1. Job Mapping:

We first conduct a series of qualitative user interviews with our target market to understand all the steps they go through when currently completing a job. We talk through the process and map each step of the job to a ‘Job Map’ like the one below.

Once we have understood and outlined each job step and created our Job Map we are able to establish a picture of how users currently complete their jobs, all the way from the initial trigger to start the job, through to preparation, execution and completion/repeating.

Behind Login’s research team are experts in conducting user interviews to effectively extract the insights needed from our research interviews.

2. Job Survey:

Once we have established the Job Map through our qualitative research we want to understand how well each job step is currently being serviced by the market at a quantitative level.

We translate each job step into a series of statements and ask consumers “how important” and “how easy” each step within the job is. This consistent method of questioning enables us to identify and compare where unmet needs exist for users, where they are struggling right now and where priorities lie.

Behind Login’s global research panel provides the perfect source of participants to complete this survey, offering a rich and diverse source of research participants to help quantify our understanding of different jobs and tasks for users.

3. Job Analysis:

Once we have our survey results we can collate our findings to obtain statistically significant insights into our market. We map our jobs onto a job chart like the one below to compare each job against the current ‘ease of completion’ and the ‘importance to users’.

From here we can segment the data using different variables from our participants, such as the current solutions and tools they are using and their demographics. This enables us to build a clear picture of how well the market is meeting consumer needs, where different competitors have strengths and weaknesses and where opportunties for disruption and innovation exist.

Wrapping Up

Once we have obtained the insights from our research we can begin to feed the results into our strategic thinking and shape business strategies & priorities to define the future roadmaps of our products.

Behind Login’s research approach supports and enables our clients to:

  1. Avoid disruption - Solidify your awareness of competitors and key players in the market

  2. Win business - Demonstrate industry benchmarks to inspire prospects and clients to engage with your services.

  3. Exploit market gaps - Uncover gaps in the fast changing market to discover and explore new opportunities for growth and development

  4. Inspire designs - Source inspiration and overcome design blocks by understanding how others are solving problems

Get in touch with Behind Login if you want to stay ahead of the competition and build your competitive advantage. Book a call with our team here.


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