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Lessons from a FinTech Founder with Conrad Ford, CPO of Allica Bank

Lessons from a FinTech Founder; Ollie Lane talks to Conrad Ford about the journey from building his first FinTech to becoming the Chief Product Officer of Allica Bank.

In this episode Ollie and Conrad talk about the journey to building Funding Options back in 2012 exploring the lessons, challenges and mistakes made along the way and how Conrad has applied this experience to build out the product function at Allica Bank.

In this fascinating episode our conversation covers:

1. Conrad's background in corporate strategy within big banks

2. The catalyst for launching Funding Options and the journey to acquisition by Tide at the end of 2022

3. Some of the key challenges, successes and lessons learnt building the business from start-up to scale-up

4. How those experiences have influenced how Conrad runs the team at Allica Bank

Check out the episode here or where ever you get your podcasts:

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