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PRESS RELEASE: Behind Login launches ReleaseTrack Competitor Tracking Platform

LONDON, September 2nd, 2022

Right now competitor research within the FinTech and Finance industry is hard! Teams are required to sign up to multiple different competitor accounts using your own personal details, credit scores, money and time - and then have to regularly check in to make sure that research is not out of date. It is manual, time consuming and generates unnecessary business risk. To solve this problem, Behind Login, a UK-based competitor research consultancy, has launched a new product called ReleaseTrack. An annual subscription that gives clients complete visibility of the competitive landscape and peace of mind when it comes to competitor research. ReleaseTrack effectively merges technology, community and expert researchers to create a comprehensive tool that removes the pain of in-house competitor research for teams across FinTech and Financial Services.

The core product is made up of 4 key parts, which flex based on the level of subscription: REGULAR COMPETITOR SNAPSHOTS

Using their network of 1million+ FinTech users (“SuperUsers”) around the globe, Behind Login conduct regular surveys with your competitors' users to determine the features and functionality across the competitive landscape and analyse how well each competitor is serving their user needs. RELEASE UPDATES

Their ReleaseTrack software scans the app stores and social media for product updates and then sends your competitors innovations straight to your inbox so you can quickly and easily understand how the competition is evolving their propositions. RELEASETRACK CREDITS

Subscribers get annual “ReleaseTrack Credits” to deep-dive into the features that are important to their business. The Behind Login expert research team conducts UX analysis of key competitors' updates using their SuperUser Network so you understand the market and stay one step ahead. PLAYBACK WORKSHOPS

Finally, their team playback all the changes happening throughout the year, engaging stakeholders and inspiring teams through bespoke, face to face workshops.

The product has been launched as a Beta and they are growing the subscriber base for both the free and paid subscription models. Head over to the website to find out more:

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