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ReleaseTrack by Behind Login

We are very excited to announce the launch of Behind Login’s latest product, ReleaseTrack.

Our new annual subscription that gives you complete visibility of your competitive landscape and peace of mind when it comes to competitor research. Find out more and get signed up to BETA here:

Behind Login was built to remove the barriers and pains of in-house competitor research. We take away the need for you to sign up to multiple different competitor accounts using your own personal details, credit scores, cash and time - and then having to regularly check in to make sure your research is not out of date. Behind Login exists to remove these pains for our clients and accelerate their competitor and market research.

We have built a network of 1 million + app users, our “SuperUsers”, across the globe that we interview and survey to understand the functionality, features and user sentiment across the market. To accompany this we have built technology that scans App Store release notes and Social Media posts to spot new feature releases as soon as they hit the market. Our expert research team leverages these assets in bespoke projects to help our clients with a variety of challenges; demonstrating the state of the market, overcoming design challenges, identifying market gaps or avoiding disruption.

Working with our clients we have been listening and iterating based on feedback to find what our market needs. The key recurring theme is that companies need a constant, high level view of the market to understand the key players' products, how well they have been executed and how they are evolving those products, and then periodically need to deep-dive into particular competitors or features within the market when it impacts them.

With that problem statement in mind, we built ReleaseTrack - an annual subscription that gives you complete visibility of the competitive landscape and peace of mind when it comes to competitor research. ReleaseTrack does exactly what we’ve identified the market needs through 4 core functions, which flex depending on the level of subscription our clients use:

1. REGULAR COMPETITOR SNAPSHOTS - Using our SuperUser network we conduct regular surveys with your competitors' users to determine the features and functionality across your competitive landscape and how well they are serving user needs.

2. RELEASE UPDATES - Our ReleaseTrack software sends your competitors product updates and innovations straight to your inbox so you can quickly and easily understand how the competition is evolving their propositions.

3. SUBSCRIPTION CREDITS - Use your annual ReleaseTrack Credits to deep-dive into the features that are important to you. Our team conducts UX analysis of your competitors updates using our SuperUser Network so you understand the market and stay one step ahead.

4. PLAYBACK WORKSHOPS - Our team playback all the changes happening throughout the year, engaging stakeholders and inspiring teams through bespoke, face to face workshops.

We’re launching ReleaseTrack in BETA, merging our technology and research team to provide our subscription services, continually gathering feedback and evolving the proposition to invest into our technology to automate ReleaseTrack further.

We already have some amazing clients lined up for BETA and we would love to get more on board. If you’re interested in hearing more, head over to the website or get in touch.

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