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Robinhood's best-in-class Investment Factsheet

For our latest research, Behind Login explored the ‘Investment Factsheet' features across 5 major investment apps globally.

Investment factsheets lack a universally recognised feature name, but in this context reference the feature that hosts all the investment/stock information including price charts, performance stats, investment information and news etc.

Factsheets are a fundamental feature to any investment platform, enabling users to understand and analyse an opportunity pre-investment, identify trading signals and opportunities to trade, track investment performance whilst held in a portfolio or in a watchlist and monitor investment performance after exit. From our research, Factsheets are in the top 3 most visited features within investing apps and regarded as highly important by users.

We conducted our study on a range of market players, selected for their brand reputation, market positioning & App Store ratings, providing us with a diverse view of how factsheets have been designed across the landscape.

Our analysis reviewed:

  1. Trading 212

  2. eToro

  3. Hargreaves Lansdown (HL)

  4. Freetrade

  5. Robinhood

In line with the Behind Login approach, this research study works with real, high frequency users of each investment app to understand the user experience, interface and features of the app based on real users accounts and preferences. We also explore the met & unmet needs of users and identify areas for innovation that these apps could exploit to stay ahead in the market.

For this blog we’ve picked our favourite app from the study to demonstrate the best-in-class ‘Investment Factsheet' feature from across the industry, with the Robinhood App.

This blog provides a Company Overview, a Factsheet Summary and Functionality Overview and Key Analysis & Recommendations for brands looking to compete in the market. All of our analysis, in line with our report formats, is support by visual and video content including our SuperUser profile, feature walkthroughs and interactive journey maps.


Company Overview:

Robinhood launched in 2015 in the US and has grown rapidly ever since. The company had 14 million users at the end of 2021 and continues to expand. Robinhood explored entering the UK market in early 2020 but made a U-turn amid the Covid-19 pandemic and have postponed the launch indefinitely.

The Robinhood proposition is significantly weighted towards regular trading rather than longer term ‘buy and hold’ style investment strategies, which shifts its competition dynamic in the UK away from the big investment houses like Hargreaves Lansdown (HL) and more towards mobile-first/mobile-only apps like Trading 212 and Freetrade.

The platform hosts equities, various passive and exchange traded funds & Crypto-currencies, but no managed funds.

Factsheet Summary:

The Robinhood factsheet is the best we’ve seen, with a clean User Experience (UX), abundant investment information, strong personalisation and a number of tools and features to promote and encourage discovery of new investments.

The theme of a ‘personalised factsheet’ really shines through with Robinhood, as reflected in the various user specific content that it shows throughout.

There is a significant amount of investment information, such as ‘The Greeks’, ‘Stats’ and ‘Earnings’ which are more suited to advanced investors, but are presented in a clear interface, enabling the app to