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The Behind Login Podcast: Episode 4

How to build an investment app from the ground up

In this month's podcast we had the pleasure of speaking to Mary Kemi Agbesanwa about 'How to build an investment app from the ground up' and how Seccl work with FinTech's to build investment apps and get to market fast.

On the podcast before we've spoken about how the barriers to building an investment proposition keep getting lower as technology providers like Seccl come into the market. This month it was great to understand the market from the technology provider perspective, particularly around how to qualify and pick the right clients to bring onto the Seccl platform.

Our conversation focused around four main questions:

  1. What/who is Seccl and what problems does the business solve?

  2. What does the process look like to build an investment app and what steps are FinTech's required to take?

  3. What are the typical challenges and pitfalls when integrating Seccl's APIs into FinTechs apps and how can you overcome them?

  4. How do Seccl chose the customers they do business with and invest in integrating to?

Finally we spoke about Seccl's original value proposition, helping Financial Advisors serve their clients through digital channels. It was fascinating to understand how the business had pivoted and see the financial advisor proposition still in place.

Have a listen here or wherever you get your Podcasts. We’d love to hear your feedback and ideas for future topics. And don’t forget to leave a rating and review :)

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