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The "unboxing experience" and differentiating through bank card packaging

In December’s Behind Tech podcast, Oliver Lane spoke to Ben Feridooni about the world of bank card packaging within FinTech.

When most people think of FinTech your mind goes to popular apps, websites and other technologies that dominate this mainly digital industry. But there is a very important slice of the market that often gets overlooked - the physical card and packaging experience.

The traditional card packaging market conjures images of phone sim-cards and gift vouchers, but as consumer-led Fintech’s came onto the scene with trailblazers like Monzo, Starling & Revolut going to great lengths to differentiate themselves from traditional banks, the world of packaging and the “unboxing experience” moved into the FinTech arena.

Ben and I spoke about the origins of Burgopak and the FinTech clients they currently serve, the value and business case for investing in the card “unboxing experience” and the future of physical cards in an ever evolving digital world.

Check out the latest Behind Tech episode here or wherever you get your podcasts.

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