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Trading 212 'Jobs To Be Done' User Survey

Each Quarter Behind Login's ReleaseTrack provides a snapshot survey of competitor app users to our paid subscribers. We're opening up a recent survey to demonstrate the insights we provide - check out the results below.


We did a survey of 50 users of the popular global investing app, Trading 212.

Our survey used the Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) framework and focused on three things:

  1. What jobs (features) exist in the app?

  2. How important are those jobs to users?

  3. How easy are those jobs to do?

Our results show that in Jan 2023, of the 16 most common jobs that exist within investing apps, Trading 212 offers 13 (81%) of them. Below is a visualisation of the results mapping how well the Trading 212 app is meeting user needs and where opportunities for internal innovation or external disruption exist.

This visualisation maps 'How Easy' Jobs are on the Y-axis and 'How Important' they on the X-axis to identify how well the Trading 212 app is aligning to their customer jobs/needs.

The majority of Jobs within the Trading 212 app are equally weighted between 'importance' and 'ease' to users (i.e. served right).

There are 4 Jobs in our analysis that blur the line between 'served right' and 'under-served' and are worth exploring in more detail:

  1. Withdraw Money

  2. Analyse Individual Investments

  3. Manage Dividend & Investment Income

  4. Conduct Portfolio Analysis

If you want to find out more information about our user surveys or explore how our research can help you, book a call to chat with our team here.


The Full Article

A bit about Trading 212:

Whilst only launching in 2004 Trading 212 now has over 1.5M customers and is a globally established investing platform. The Trading 212 mobile app has more than 14M downloads suggesting a significant amount of users leverage the non-customer features such as Watchlists, Demo Accounts & News.

The Trading 212 app also has some of the best ratings across the UK investing market: