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Transforming the debt collections and recovery market

In this month's Behind Tech podcast, our host spoke to Martin O'Donnell, CPO and Co-founder of DebtStream, about the world of Debt Collection and Recovery.

It doesn’t sounds like the most exciting topic (unless you’re a fan of Channel 5’s Can’t Pay? We’ll Take it Away!), but as with many industries across the globe, by leveraging digital channels and new technologies the market has significantly shifted to delivering intelligent, consumer-led products and services.

DebtStream provide white label self-serve solutions for businesses to handle debt collection and recovery process, from open banking services to assess affordability to personalised nudges and gamification through the payback process.

Oliver spoke to Martin about the changes in the industry as digital becomes more widely adopted and FCA regulation evolves to promote better customer outcomes, and heard about the journey of DebtStream from a founding team of 3 to working with some of the biggest businesses in the UK.

Thanks to our Sponsor RCK Partners for making this happen!

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