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Our banking client was looking to re-design their onboarding journey and wanted to seek design inspiration from the best apps within FinTech. We conducted analysis in 5 different mobile apps, with users within our clients desired target market, and the Revolut app was ranked as our most recommended. 


We worked with our client to identify their target market and the steps required in their onboarding journey. We then agreed our 5 top recommended apps to explore and conducted user research with users opening accounts on these platforms. 


Our project deliverables included a set of recommendations for how to design the best onboarding journey based on the best-in-class solutions across the market. Our recommendations were supported with visual content including screenshots, journey maps, user interaction and live feedback videos. We then ran through a workshop with our client to design the ultimate onboarding experience. 


From this research our client was able to build their onboarding journey, taking the best-in-class solutions from across the market to build a great user experience. The supporting content enabled the product team to engage and inspire stakeholders involved in the project with the "art of the possible" and receive the investment and support required to build the journey. 

Behind Login's competitor intelligence gives you a 360° view so you can stay ahead of the evolving competitive landscape. 

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