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Our client was seeing a large number of their users transfer to the Trading 212 platform and wanted to understand what they were doing better and differently so they could improve their proposition and maintain their competitive advantange in the market. 


Behind Login conducted a survey on 50 users of the Trading 212 app from our global research panel. Our survey used the Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) innovation framework to understand the features that existed on the Trading 212 app, how important those features were to users, and how easy they were to use. 


Our results show that in Jan 2023, of the 16 most common jobs that exist within investing apps, Trading 212 offers 13 (81%) of them.

We provided a visualisation of the results mapping how well the Trading 212 app is meeting user needs and where opportunities for internal innovation or external disruption exist. This visualisation shows 'How Easy' and 'How Important' each feature is on the Trading 212 app and how well the app is aligning to their customer jobs/needs.


From this research we identified two critical areas that our client was being bested by Trading 212. 

Our client explored these areas within their own app to see where they could improve their offering. The product team made a series of improvements to the features to bring their proposition in line with the Trading 212 offering and worked with the marketing team to ensure these improvements were conveyed to users to reduce transfers off the platform. 

Behind Login's competitor intelligence gives you a 360° view so you can stay ahead of the evolving competitive landscape. 

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